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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

What is difference between forward() and sendRedirect() ?

Here we will list all the differences between forward() and sendRedirect().

It’s a method of RequestDispatcher.
It’s a method of HttpServletResponse.
This method is internally handled by container.
This method is not internally handling by container.
This method doesn’t change the browser URL.
This method changes the browser URL.
Forward sends the same request.
SendRedirect always sends the new request.
It can only send the request with in same application, or it can only access those resources which are available in same application.
It can send the request with in same application and outside the application, and can access inside and outside resources of server.
It only uses Relative URLs.
It uses Absolute URLs.
It’s a server-side.
It’s a client-side.
Method Signature :
void forward(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response);
Method Signature :
void sendRedirect(String url);
Example :
forward(request, response);
Example :

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